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Boldly go where no treasure hunter has gone before... with an FBT Treasure Trekker!
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your new Treasure Trekker, and how to get started in treasure hunting- the HOBBY that PAYS!

PLEASE WAIT- page takes about 1-3 minutes to load due to quantity of detailed photos.

STEP 1- Unpackage Treasure Trekker and read instructions.

STEP 2- Adjust stem to your size.

Treasure Trekker Control Panel

STEP 3- Install batteries and test.

STEP 4- Tune unit so meter is at 0.


STEP 5- Test unit. Put a gold ring or coin on the ground and sweep over it with the detector.

STEP 6- ID the metal and reset the detector.

STEP 7- Metal detector tips and techniques:
1. Remove all jewelry and metals while using detector.
2. Stay away from electromagnetic fields generated by nearby detectors, power lines, radios etc.
3. Ground effects: The soil will affect the receiver coil output. Some kinds of soil, particularly those containing a high iron content (often known as mineralised soil), affect the output strongly enough to indicate the presence of a metal target. This requires the operator to position the detector near the ground (but not near a metal target) and adjust a the "Discrimination" until the target signal disappears.
4. No metal detector is totally accurate. To accurately pinpoint a target:
a. Once the detector detects a target that is buried, contunue to sweep the search coil over the target in a narrowing side-to-side motion.
b. Stop the search coil directly over the spot on the ground. Then move the search coil straight forward away from you and straight back towards you. Make a mental note of the exact spot on the surface where the signal is strongest.
c. Repeat these steps in an X pattern. The target should be directly below the X at the area where the loudest response is heard.

STEP 8- Connect the headphones(included) and start treasure hunting!
Using headphones saves battery power and makes it easier to identify changes in sound patterns.